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Detoxification and its process

Detoxification or simply detox is the process of assisting the body to remove the drugs in it. The main purpose of detox is to safely handle the withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone stops consuming drugs or alcohol.

Everyone has a different effect during detox based on what type of drug he consumed and for how long. Proper medications are provided during this uneasy time to make the person feel comfortable.

Process of Detoxification

The drug detox process is designed in such a way that the person gets maximum personalized treatment based on his drug use history. This ensures a safe and speedy recovery. The process of detoxification involves:

  • Evaluation

This is the first step where the person is tested to figure out the various substances present in their body. This helps them decide the level of medication needed. They screen the incoming patients for physical and mental issues. The concerned medical team digs deep into the patient's drug and other medical histories. This helps them to create a detailed and long term treatment plan.

  • Stabilization

This process involves the patient to go through the process of detoxification. They stabilize the patient's condition with both medical and psychological therapy. Their use of medication is often preferred over the non-medicinal approach. During this process, the patient can experience withdrawals and various other complications. This is also taken care of by the medical team.

  • Preparing Entry into Treatment

This last step of the detoxification process makes the patient ready for the actual recovery program. The Doctors brief the patients about the treatment process and what to expect during the process.

Side effects of Detox

Detox does not necessarily have side effects. The side effects of this process need to be listed under the category of complications. Detox gives the patient a new life to start. But for that, a tough road has to be taken. The process of drug detox can be extremely painful and dangerous. This is why detox under medical supervision is recommended rather than detox by oneself at home. Some of the unavoidable complications of the detox process are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Body Discomfort
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Swings

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